About company

KOMPALEKS, OOO is engaged in road management software development. The base software product is a program complex "Information and analytical system RoadSoft (RoadSoft System)
RoadsSoft System is a set of software applications operating on the basis of unified database RoadSoft with the ability to implement various user’s rights and limitations. RoadSoft System provides data collection and analysis of road network technical account, operative road situation, accident rates, road manufacturing activity analysis in real time with ability to generate statements and reports, using the line road graph and road network electronic map. RoadSoft System WEB service accesses to automated devices, collecting operative road condition information: video surveillance points, road weather stations, depending on traffic intensity, navigation data for vehicles involved in road maintenance.
RoadSoft System can be used in departments specializing in the planning, implementation and management of construction, repair and maintenance works, road and road artificial structures diagnostics.
Road net operative situation monitoring is implemented Internet tablets software modules running under IOS and Android. OFF-line mode mobile devices work enables operational information data collection along all serviceable road network in the absence of the Internet. Synchronization of the mobile devices local databases with the RoadSoft System server database allows to solve production problems associated with the of the road maintenance level assessment, control of road and road artificial structures repairs and construction with the subsequent necessary reports generation.
Interactive served road network maps, working on the base of RoadSoft System provides interconnection with highways users. Implemented information reliability control mechanisms are implemented. Received information is indicated in the control service organization log and promotes the operational decisions adoption providing a significant effect in the production activities of customers
KOMPALEKS, OOO software is working for over 2 decades in the Federal and State subject road management departments. This fact allowed our company to gain great experience in creation of effectively operating applications requiring little users training time and allow to obtain a significant effect from their implementation in the customers production activities.

The main directions of production activity of KOMPALEKS, OOO
•Applied software development and modernization in accordance with tasks set by the customers and system-wide software upgrades.
• Interaction with existing automated meteorological, road video control systems, navigation systems used for location and work monitoring of devices managed in road network maintenance
• RoadSoft System server maintenance
• Applied software consultation with use of phone and email
• Software users training applications
• Departure to customer in case of production necessity